We are here because

I have a wonderful, supportive family and friends that help me, and the best medical team in the province, but I never knew how alone I was until I met another woman with metastatic breast cancer. – Lori

When I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, I was given all kinds of resources and materials and support.  But when I received my diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer all I got was sorry this happened to you. – Candace

When I was diagnosed with de novo stage 4 breast cancer in 2013, I looked everywhere for information on MBC.  It was always the last chapter in the book. 
I am not the last chapter.  I AM THE BOOK –Sharon

I still think about that day, 3 years ago, when I got my diagnosis, and how scared I was and still am, but I have managed to go on living life. I will remember December 2, but I will not memorialize it. Instead, I will celebrate and embrace all my days, giving each day the importance it deserves.   – Jackie

  • Having MBC means you will probably be in and out of treatment for the rest of your life.
  • People living with MBC need access to life extending treatments, until a cure is found. Inequities between provincial formularies and between private and public drug plans means that not everyone has access to the best life extending treatments.
  • MBC is said to have become a chronic disease, yet many people with MBC die while waiting for access to a new life extending drug. Faster access to new treatments is needed.
  • Access to clinical trials is not equitable, nor is it truly pan Canadian.  Many Canadians are denied access to clinical trials in another province, even if they had the financial resources to travel.